Date: 2nd March 2001

Pammy Wants Tommy Back -Again

PAMELA ANDERSON is desperate to rekindle her romance with TOMMY LEE.

The tempestuous couple, who were previously married (19FEB95) and divorced and have enjoyed sporadic reconciliations ever since, are about to get it together again, according to sources close to Pamela.

The former BAYWATCH babe, 33, has been pining since breaking up with model MARCUS SCHENKENBURG, with an ill-fated fling with singer MICHAEL BOLTON doing little to relieve her loneliness - and has now turned to the MOTLEY CRUE wildman, 38, once more. She tells friends, "Tommy and I will always have a special connection. After all, we have two beautiful sons together. "It's like we can't live with each other but we share a passion that makes it hard to resist each other - and the sex is incredible!"

A friend of the busty actress reveals, "
For the past year she has barely uttered his name. "But over the last few weeks it's been Tommy this and Tommy that - she's keeping quiet in public but in private she's singing his praises. "She acted the same way the last time she was gearing up for a reconciliation with him, so we suspect it's gonna happen again." (KW/WNTST/PDD)

Source: WENN



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