Date: 22nd March 2002

Kid Rock Puzzled About Pamela's Hepatitis C Latest

Rocker Kid Rock has further muddied claims that his girlfriend Pamela Anderson has contracted Hepatitis C - insisting he knows nothing about her health problems.

The actress released a statement on Wednesday (20th March 2002), claiming she was undergoing outpatient treatment at Los Angeles' UCLA Medical Center after contracting the life-threatening virus from ex-husband Tommy Lee when they shared a contaminated tattoo needle.

Lee denies he has or has ever had the disease, and Kid Rock admits he's puzzled about the whole story. Speaking on Los Angeles' breakfast show on the KTLA channel yesterday (21st March 2002), Rock suggests the press statement might be bogus. He said, "I was with her last night and she didn't release that statement to me or say anything about it. She's fine. I think a lot of people try to say things that are very hurtful. "

Source: WENN



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