Date: 3rd July 2001

Tommy Lee Sued Over Pool Death

Rocker TOMMY LEE faces being sued for $160 million (113 million) after a four-year-old boy drowned during a party at his home.

The parents of DANIEL VERES will claim Lee's negligence caused their son, who could not swim, to drown. Daniel was found floating face-down in the pool at the Malibu, California, mansion of PAMELA ANDERSON's former husband.

The incident happened during a fifth birthday party for BRANDON, Lee's son with Anderson, on 16 June (01). Daniel's distraught parents, Hollywood producer JAMES VERES and German actress URSULA KARVEN, were not at the party, which was thrown by Lee for Brandon's friends from nursery school.

Their son was believed to have wandered off from the house and was found later in the pool. Lee, the former drummer with rock group MOTLEY CRUE, called emergency services but the boy was declared dead on arrival at hospital.

JANELLE HARRIS, 20, who pulled the boy out of the pool, says she will testify on Lee's behalf if the case goes to court. She says, "There were no strippers there, no drugs, no alcohol. His house was closed for everybody. It was just a party. " The death was formally declared an accident after a post-mortem examination. (RGS/WNWCAN/RP)

Source: WENN