Date: 6th March 2001

Stalker Arrested At Pam Anderson's House

A 27-year-old French woman was taken into custody for trespassing inside the Malibu home of sexbomb PAMELA ANDERSON.

CHRISTINE ROTH is being held at Los Angeles County Jail on $150,000 (100,000) bail following the incident on Sunday (4MAR01), and she's expected to be arraigned today (6MAR01) on charges of stalking the former BAYWATCH actress.

Anderson reportedly was home when deputies arrived at about 10:50 a.m. Sunday to find Roth also inside the home. Roth allegedly told them she was a French national and was obsessed with the 33-year- old actress. Deputies say she did not have any weapons on her at the time.

Anderson's publicist said, "Security measures were in place and she was arrested immediately. We are hopeful that she will get the medical attention that she obviously needs." Authorities say this isn't the first time Roth has popped up in Malibu. The woman reportedly was spotted on Anderson's property 17 February (01), but she left before deputies showed up. Stalking troubles aside, Anderson recently split with Swedish model MARCUS SCHENKENBERG, whom she had been dating since last summer (00). (PDD/WNWDN)

Source: WENN