Date: 6th March 2002

Pamela Anderson's Tabloid Obsession

Busty blonde PAMELA ANDERSON believes everything she reads in American gossip tabloids - unless the stories are about her. The former Baywatch beauty admits she often enjoys thumbing through the pages of the celebrity-based publications to see what her fellow stars are up to and, just like so many others who read the tabloids, she's often stunned at what she finds.

She says, "I love the tabloids. I really do - I read them on the plane. When someone walks by with a Star or an Enquirer, I'll say, 'Can I read that after you?' I look through these magazines and I'll go, 'That's terrible what they wrote about me,' then I'll flip the page and I'll say, 'I can't believe she did that!' I believe everything else, except things about me - and just so you know, everything you've read about me is wrong!"

Source: WENN