Date: 21st June 2001

Pamela Defends Ex-Husband Lee

LATEST: Vivacious actress and model PAMELA ANDERSON has spoken out in defence of her ex-husband TOMMY LEE.

She has told how the rocker cried after the drowning of DANIEL VERES in his swimming pool. Speaking to the British newspaper DAILY MIRROR, she has said that Lee has been "totally crushed" by the child's death. "He called me, still crying, and told me the whole story moments after the ambulance rolled away. Tommy is devastated. He can't believe something this awful could happen at a kid's birthday party. "

Veres drowned during the couple's son BRANDON'S birthday party. "He said the child turned the most awful shade of blue. Then Tommy started crying. "

Anderson paid tribute to the former MOTLEY CRUE drummer, saying that he is a great father, adding, "A lot of mean people are trying to say that Tommy was negligent but anyone who was there knows that Tommy did nothing wrong. Just because it's Tommy Lee, people assume he did something wrong. "

Lee had to explain to Brandon why an ambulance had been sent for and why the party had to be cancelled. "He understood why his birthday party was over, and he didn't make a fuss," the BARB WIRE (1996) star said. "Tommy told both boys (DYLAN, the second son) that none of this was their fault at all - and he keeps telling them that. They feel just awful. So does Tommy. " (ACW/WNTMI/PDD)

Source: WENN