Date: 26th November 2000

Jerry Lands Film Role

Leggy Texan JERRY HALL has landed a prized part in the new MERCHANT IVORY movie.

Although the ex-wife of ROLLING STONE MICK JAGGER, got a mixed critical reception when she took over from KATHLEEN TURNER as MRS ROBINSON in a West End production of THE GRADUATE, the makers of HOWARDS END and THE REMAINS OF THE DAY want her for their new film.

She says, "I can't believe they even considered me in the same rank as those great gals," she said, refering to actresses, such as DAME MAGGIE SMITH and HELENA BONHAM-CARTER, who Merchant Ivory have worked with in the past. And the sexy blonde is looking forward to a role which doesn't demand a nude appearance like her current play. She adds, "It will be nice to be seen with all my clothes on for a change!" (KAB/WNSEX/CPT)

Source: WENN