Date: 7th March 2001

Stars Shocked By Hollywood Truths

Hollywood's biggest names are set for a shock thanks to a damning new report in LOS ANGELES magazine.

The embarrassing article reveals the real reasons why certain stars didn't get roles in MICK JAGGER's new film THE MAN FROM ELYSIAN FIELDS.

According to the forthcoming 'acting' issue, JULIA ORMOND was turned down because she's "totally boring," ER star JULIANNA MARGULIES because, "I don't think she means anything," and the late JAMES COBURN because he "doesn't quite seem intellectual."

The comments come from behind-closed-doors meetings between producers and casting agents.

Meanwhile, reports from the set of HANNIBAL suggest CALISTA FLOCKHART and HILARY SWANK were turned down for the SILENCE OF THE LAMBS sequel because they were deemed too skinny and ANGELINA JOLIE and CATE BLANCHETT were considered too tall for the part of CLARICE STARLING. (KL/LADN/RP)

Source: WENN



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