Date: 6th January 2000

Jerry Hall: I Cant Get Rid Of Mick

Stunning model JERRY HALL is infuriated by her ex-husband MICK JAGGER - because he won't leave her alone.

Hall, who split from the ROLLING STONES rocker when she found out he'd fathered a son with Brazilian model LUCIANA MORAD, still lives next door to her ex, in their family home in Richmond, London.

And the blonde Texan says Jagger, with whom she has four children, is constantly appearing in her London mansion unannounced, pining for a reconciliation, and ruining her romantic dates. Hall says, "It's getting a bit ridiculous. I've told Mick he has to move - now!"

Unfortunately for Hall, it's all too easy for Jagger to come and go because he's put in a door through the dining room wall linking the two houses. But Hall, who is dating movie producer GEORGE WAUD is finding all the togetherness a bit too much to handle. She adds, "I'm dating other people and it's uncomfortable for them having Mick around so much. "He hates me dating but he can't say much about it." (LE/TG/RGS)

Source: WENN