Date: 3rd October 2000

Jerry Hall's Bedroom Burglary Horror

Sexy model and actress JERRY HALL has spoken of her horror and fear after a break in at her London home.

The leggy Texan, ex-wife of ROLLING STONE MICK JAGGER, was shocked when her $15 million (10 million) mansion was burglarised whilst her, and two of her children, were sleeping last week (28SEP00).

She says, "I am so angry. These people broke in while my babies
were sleeping. They just took stuff and left - but it could have
been so much worse. "
They got into my bedroom and went through my personal things."

However, whilst thieves made off with jewellery and a lap-top
computer, Hall reveals they took little of value.
She continues, "
Luckily, I keep all my good jewellery in the bank
so they only got my costume jewellery. There were no personal
details on the computer either because I'd only just bought it.

"The police seem to think the thieves were kids. They couldn't
have been very bright as they left fingerprints all over the

Source: WENN