Date: 17th September 2001

Jerry: America And Britain Must Stand Together

Texan supermodel JERRY HALL is urging Britain to stand by America after Tuesday's (11SEP01) terrorists attacks. The GRADUATE stage star was addressing a vigil at WESTMINSTER ABBEY, London, for the thousands of victims who lost their lives in the America atrocities.

Hall said her daughter ELIZABETH had witnessed one of the atrocities in New York. She said, "She was getting out of a taxi and looked up to see a plane going into the World Trade Centre. " Hall said America had stood by Britain while it was blitzed during the war, and it's good Britain was now standing by their stateside ally after the terror attacks.

"That is what the special relationship means. Let us always stand together," she told the congregation, which included her ex-husband MICK JAGGER and American ambassador WILLIAM FARISH. (RP/WNWCAN)

Source: WENN