Date: 9th February 2001

Jagger And Daughter Appear In New Movie

MICK JAGGER has returned to the big screen - by writing himself and teenage daughter ELIZABETH into ENIGMA, the movie he's currently co-producing.

The ROLLING STONES rocker gave himself and Elizabeth, who he calls LIBBY, small roles in ENIGMA, the wartime thriller about the efforts of code-breakers to crack the Enigma cipher. But Mick denies he's doing anything wrong - it really is a very small role. He says, "It's only a tiny part; not even a cameo. The main action in the scene has people jitterbugging and Libby and I are going to have a few lessons, but I think it's going to end up with us sitting in the background."

But Jagger does have some reservations about his role in the film, which stars KATE WINSLET and SAFFRON BURROWS. He adds, "I don't know about the jitterbugging, though. It's not like performing on a concert stage. I'm not a jitterbugger and Libby's even worse at it than I am!" Luckily by the time director MICHAEL APTED had finished with it, all that was left of Jagger's cameo was a few seconds of him dressed in full RAF uniform, sitting with Elizabeth - and no dancing. (MCM/WNTMA)

Source: WENN