Date: 21st August 2001

Kate Winslet Won Over By Dull Role

British actress KATE WINSLET felt compelled to accept her role in her latest movie ENIGMA (2001) - because she was drawn to the dullness of her character. The TITANIC (1997) star plays dowdy codebreaker HESTER in the MICK JAGGER-produced film opposite fellow Brits DOUGRAY SCOTT and SAFFRON BURROWS in the World War II spy film.

But the most appealing part to Winslet was the downtrodden look of her character. She explains, "She is completely unglamorous, doesn't wear much make-up and also wears really dodgy glasses."

Winslet adds that ROLLING STONE Jagger was an "absolutely brilliant" producer, adding, "It's quite easy for people to say he was just a name attached to the project, but he was the driving force behind it, and he was there all the time being the producer and wearing his Wellington boots. " (RGS/LA/ES)

Source: WENN



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