Date: 21st January 2001

Jerry Hall To Be Absolutely Fabulous In America

After five months on the London stage as MRS ROBINSON in THE GRADUATE, JERRY HALL is set to play PATSY STONE in an American version of the hit British TV comedy ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS.

Hall's acting has been described as "wooden" but the former wife of ROLLING STONE MICK JAGGER bears a striking resemblance to the character PATSY, played by JOANNA LUMLEY in JENNIFER SAUNDERS' comedy. Hall has been asked to play Patsy by American comedienne ROSEANNE BARR, who bought the American rights to the programme from Saunders in a fierce bidding war six-years-ago.

The Texan-born star is also in demand elsewhere. She is to join the cast of THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES, which opens at London's OLD VIC theatre in May (01), and avant-garde playwright STEVEN BERKOFF has asked her to appear with him in a revival of his play DECADENCE. (TM/WNSTI/CPT)

Source: WENN