Date: 3rd April 2002

Liz Hurley's Stalker Returns

Actress Elizabeth Hurley is getting doubly anxious this week (1st April 2002) - her stalker has returned just as she is due to give birth.

The Bedazzled (2000) beauty, 36, is expecting her first child any day now and news of Petar Mihalovic's presence outside her London home is unsettling her. The 33-year-old loner was arrested in December (2001) after Liz's former beau Hugh Grant told police Mihalovic had been sending the star abusive letters telling her to abort her baby.

Yesterday (2nd April 2002) Mihalovic was seen returning to Liz's home, posting pictures through her door and claiming to be one of her "very good friends." The disturbed man told reporters for British tabloid The Daily Mail that Liz's pregnancy was a media conspiracy.

He said, "It is all newspaper lies. They don't know what they're talking about. She is not pregnant. She is a very good friend of mine. We met in LA through mutual friends, that's how we know each other." Mihalovic's return has prompted Liz to stay away from her south Kensington home, where she hasn't been seen since Friday (29th March 2002).

Source: WENN



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