Date: 27th April 2001

Pam and Liz's Friendships Cools

PAMELA ANDERSON and ELIZAbeth HURLEY, who became bosom buddies at a Hollywood party, are at each other's throats - now that their friendship has gone flat.

According to American tabloid the STAR, former BAYWATCH actress Pam, 33, has suddenly turned her back on 35-year-old Liz - because she suspects she's after her ex-husband TOMMY LEE.

Pamela, who's recently been enjoying dates with the tattooed MOTLEY CRUE drummer, was hosting a barbecue at her Malibu, California, home when she caught bikini-clad BEDAZZLED (2000) star Liz sitting on Tommy's lap.

An onlooker says, "When Pam confronted Liz and demanded to know exactly what was going on, Liz just laughed it off. But Pam's not taking any chances. To avoid future problems, she's decided to cool it with Liz." (RGS/TS/NFA)

Source: WENN



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