Date: 21st June 2002

Bing Is Father Of Hurley's Child

DNA tests have at last put an end to the speculation of the identity of Elizabeth Hurley's baby's father.

At a court hearing the evidence was revealed and Stephen Bing was declared to be a 'delighted' daddy. The task of deciding how much maintenance the wealthy movie man should pay will now begin.

After denying to be the child's father it has been suggested that Bing's father, New York real estate tycoon Leo Bing, told his son to act more responsibly and have the tests done.

Bing's spokesman told the press, 'Tests have confirmed that Steve Bing is the biological father of Elizabeth Hurley's son Damian. Steve wanted the tests done. He wanted the issue dealt with as quickly as possible and is pleased with the result. He has never said he would not be a part of Damian's life if the tests proved he was the father and is looking forward to it.'

Source: Press Release