Date: 6th February 2007

I'm not musical, says 'pop star' Grant

Hugh Grant admits he was nervous making his new movie because he doesn't listen to music.

He plays an eighties pop star in the romantic comedy Music and Lyrics.

But Grant confessed at the charity premiere in London that he wasn't very romantic or musical.

He told Metro: "I was nervous singing and playing the piano in the film."

"Singing and dancing was a bit of a nightmare for me to be honest. My friends think I'm a bit of a freak because I don't even listen to music."

Grant, who was at the premiere with his girlfriend Jemima Khan, paid tribute to his co-star Drew Barrymore.

"It was the first time I've worked with her and I felt very sorry for her," he said.

"She's full of sunshine, light, laughter and positive feelings and I'm the exact reverse. I'm full of gloom, a cloud of misery. She's very encouraging, she kept me going."

Barrymore said: "It was lovely to work with Hugh. He is a complete gentleman.

Whereas I'm very optimistic he's very curmudgeonly. It works with the character."

Source: Press Release