Date: 10th February 2002

Willis' Thoughts Of Death

Actor BRUCE WILLIS is living life to the fullest - because he has a healthy awareness of his own eventual death. The Die Hard (1988) hero was jolted out of his complacency by the births of Rumer, Scout and Tallulah, his daughters by ex-wife DEMI MOORE, and the death of his brother Robert.

He says, "I've been aware of my own mortality since I've had children. I didn't think about it prior to that. I just thought, like most people do, that I was going to live forever, and you waste your time, day after day. I think most people are pretty much surprised by their own deaths, but I have a strong sense of my own mortality.

I lost some friends in my early 20s to freak accidents. I lost my younger brother last year (2001), so yeah, it does keep you in touch with your own mortality. I think more than anything it reminds us all not to waste time and that we don't have forever. "

Source: WENN



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