Date: 11th February 2002

Willis Lashes Out At Press Invasion

Actor Bruce Willis used his latest press conference as a chance to berate the press for the invading his privacy. The Die Hard (1988) action hero was in Las Vegas last week (ends12th February 2002) to perform with his rock band The Accelerators and to promote his new movie Hart's War (2001). But when it was time to give a press conference at the city's prestigious MGM Grand Hotel, Willis was so tired out and edgy from partying, he launched a stinging attack on journalists who enquired about his love life.

He fumed, "I am sick to death of talking about my personal life. I don't think it has anything to do with why I am here today. I thought the point of this was to talk about the film and I just have no interest in talking about who I am dating or what my children think about it. I've long ago given up trying to set to the record straight. I just have no interest in it. It doesn't matter to me what gets said, whether it's the truth or whether it's b. s. It just doesn't matter anymore. "

Source: WENN