Date: 12th July 2001

Bruce And Demi Play Happy Families

Divorced Hollywood couple BRUCE WILLIS and DEMI MOORE have been out on a family outing with their three children - and Moore's live-in boyfriend.

The love-split pair had obviously put their bitter divorce behind them as they took daughters SCOUT, TALLULAH and RUMER to a funday parade in the tiny town of Hailey, Idaho, which the movie stars own.

And the day provided a great opportunity for Moore to introduce her new man to her old - DIE HARD (1988) star Willis shook hands warmly with martial arts expert OLIVER WHITCOMB who stepped out with the DISCLOSURE (1994) star.

One onlooker says, "They had an acrimonious break-up but seem to have put that behind them for the sake of the children. They seem to get on very well as friends. They were very comfortable with each other and Bruce didn't seem bothered that Oliver had tagged along. " (LE/WNTST/PDD)

Source: WENN