Date: 31st July 2001

Connor's Cruz Shock

TOM CRUISE'S son found out about his dad's new girlfriend from television reports.

The Hollywood star is dating VANILLA SKY (2001) co-star PenÚlope CRUZ but six-year-old CONNOR only learned of the romance from watching television.

According to THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, a friend of Cruise's estranged wife NICOLE KIDMAN says the actress also found out about the relationship when Connor saw a picture of his dad with another woman.

Cruise is pressing ahead with a quick divorce from Kidman - after 10 years of marriage - and if successful the marriage could end next month(AUG01).

Hollywood legal experts have suggested that the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 2 (2000) star could be seeking a quick divorce so that he can remarry. (IG/WNWUN/KMW)

Source: WENN



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