Date: 4th July 2001

Douglas and Del Toro Become Partners In Crime

MICHAEL DOUGLAS and BENICIO DEL TORO are becoming partners in crime after signing up to star in a new version of a classic gangster movie.

The two TRAFFIC (2000) actors are to team up again to remake KILLERS, the (1946).

The 1946 original starred BURT LANCASTER and was based on ERNEST HEMINGWAY's short story about an ex-boxer murdered in a contract hit.

The film was re-made with some ultra-violent touches in 1964 with LEE MARVIN, ANGIE DICKINSON and JOHN CASSAVETES.

And now Douglas believes it needs to be made yet again. In the new version, which will be made through the WALL STREET (1987) star's production company, Douglas will play an insurance investigator, while Del Toro, in flashback, co-stars as the victim of the piece.

British actress MINNIE DRIVER is being tipped to play Del Toro's screen girlfriend. (LE/WNWCAN/KW)

Source: WENN