Date: 6th May 2001

Juliette Set To Shock As Sexy Nun

CHOCOLAT (2000) star JULIETTE BINOCHE is set to star in a shocking new film about a 15th century nun who has an affair with a monk. The $27 million (18 million) film, to be made by the BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION, contains explicit loves scenes between Binoche and OSCAR-winning co-star BENICIO DEL TORO.

It tells the true story of the love between monk FILIPPO LIPPI who was a leading renaissance painter, and Lucrezia the nun who modelled for his painting ASSUMPTION OF THE VIRGIN - after which the film is named. Although the nun was 24 when she began the affair, Binoche, 37, was thought ideal for the part by producer CAROLYN CHOA - wife of ENGLISH PATIENT, THE (1996) director ANTHONY MINGELLA. "I cast her because she has a freshness and she's a proper mature woman with screen qualities which are not age-dependent," says Choa. (KAB/WNSTI/KW)

Source: WENN