Date: 13th July 2001

Del Toro Urges Hespanics To Increases Their Hollywood Presence

TRAFFIC (2000) star BENICIO DEL TORO is urging Hispanics to increase the presence of people with Latin American roots in Hollywood.

While acknowledging that the cultural group have made great gains in Tinseltown, the OSCAR-winning actor reckons there's still a lot more work to be done. Del Toro launched his pet campaign yesterday (11JUL01) during a visit to his native island of Puerto Rico, in the Caribbean, to screen Traffic (2000), which is about drug trafficking between Mexico and America.

"The reality is that Latinos must do it themselves, Del Toro enthuses. Neither the studio nor anyone else is going to do it for them. " He adds that when it comes to Hispanics in Hollywood, "There are few writers, there are few directors. " Del Toro arrived in the city of Havana, Cuba on Sunday (08JUL01), accompanied by STEVEN SODERBERGH, who won a Best Director Oscar for their movie.

The Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Arts and Industry invited the popular pair to visit the island and show the film. They are to return to America today (12JUL01). (KW/WNWCJM/ES)

Source: WENN