Date: 1st May 2001

Del Toro Wants To Be A Bad Boy

Oscar-winning BENICIO DEL TORO turned down a string of rugged hero- style offers, before finally playing a villain.

The craggy actor, hailed for his portrayal of a narcotics cop in the STEVEN SODERBERGH classic TRAFFIC (2000), was offered a fortune to wear his halo again in a number of big-budget films.

He says, "There was a lot of money involved in some of them. But I felt I needed a change of pace. "I'm no angel and I didn't want to get this reputation as some kind of champion of the good and noble."

Instead, he has decided to play a murdering psychopath who gets his kicks from shedding blood in the WILLIAM FRIEDKIN thriller HUNTED, the (2001). TOMMY LEE JONES and CONNIE NIELSoN co-star. (NFA/WNWCAN/PDD)

Source: WENN



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