Date: 28th June 2001

Drug-Beating Perry Piling On The Pounds

FRIENDS star MATTHEW PERRY may be beating his drink-and-drugs habit, but taking the most punishment seems to be his tummy.

The 32-year-old lost weight drastically when he became hooked on prescription drugs. Since kicking the habit, his weight has ballooned. He has even been spotted tackling a pizza while mingling with friends outside an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Santa Monica, California, America.

His career has also suffered. Perry was forced to postpone shooting SERVICING SARA (2001) with ELIZABETH HURLEY when he was rushed into rehabilitation, but was able to resume filming in Dallas, America, last month (MAY00).

A woman who has sat next to him at the sessions said: "He looks
great - really happy."

Source: WENN



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