Date: 6th May 2001

Matthew Perry And Liz Hurley More Than Just Friends?

Actor MATTHEW PERRY and his SERVICING SARA (2001) co-star ELIZABETH HURLEY have become more than just friends. According to American tabloid the GLOBE, designer VALENTINO has invited Perry, COURTENEY COX ARQUETTE and her husband DAVID to cruise around the Mediterranean on his luxury yacht for a few weeks this summer (01) - and the actor has asked if he can carry Hurley along with him.

A source for the Globe says, "Liz is so excited, she's already started shopping for swimsuits and sexy lingerie. " And Liz, ex-girlfriend of British actor HUGH GRANT, has been heaping praise on the FRIENDS star since resuming filming with him, after his reported addiction to prescription painkillers forced him away from the Texas set. She says,

"Matthew is unbelievably nice! I was fond of him before but we didn't have much of a connection and now we realise why, because I guess he was disconnected to himself at that time. Now we sit around on the set all day and giggle and laugh, playing silly games, and he's lovely!" She adds, "He's so talented too. I think he's going to get it together. And he's young, so hopefully this is his time." (RGS/TG&U/KW)

Source: WENN



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