Date: 22nd March 2001

Kidman Speaks Out About Single Mum Fears

Actress NICOLE KIDMAN is terrified of being a single mum - following her split from husband TOM CRUISE.

Kidman, who seperated from the MI:2 star last month (FEB01) has two adopted children, CONNOR and ISABELLA, and although she's sure Cruise will be an ever-present dad she's concerned about her own standing as a single parent.

Speaking in next month's (APR01) edition of America's MARIE CLAIRE magazine, Kidman says, "I used to say, 'Wow, my hat is off to a woman who has to do it by herself,' and now I'm a single mother. It's amazing the way life twists and turns. "Obviously my children have a father who's going to be completely involved, but in terms of doing it alone, that's scary. It's a whole new path I'm about to walk." (KL/U/CPT)

Source: WENN



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