Date: 24th September 2000

Scottish Star Overlooked For Rollers Movie

Scottish hunk EWAN McGREGOR has been rejected for the lead in a film about the original Scots boyband, THE BAY CITY ROLLERS - in favour of an American star.

Ewen was widely expected to win the starring role but it now seems likely that KEANU REEVES or LEONARDO DiCAPRIO will be favourite for the lead.

The decision was made by the film's director COURTNEY LOVE who owns the rights to the book BYE BYE BABY: MY TRAGIC LOVE AFFAIR WITH THE BAY CITY ROLLERS, by journalist CAROLINE SULLIVAN.

Former Roller LES McKEOWN, an advisor on the film, has backed Courtney's decision saying, "I would like to see some Scottish actors in the film, but I think Keanu would give it even greater appeal.


Source: WENN



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