Date: 2nd August 2001

Natasha Henstridge Plunges Into Sci-Fi Role

Actress NATASHA HENSTRIDGE was completely traumatised by the task of replacing COURTNEY LOVE in the sci-fi movie GHOSTS OF MARS (2001).

According to the film's helmer, JOHN CARPENTER, Henstridge performed brilliantly when the role was thrust upon her at the last minute.

Carpenter says, "She came in at the last possible moment, just a week before production began. She hit the ground running and was literally in every scene. It was like an endurance test for her. "

But although Henstridge impressed all of those around her, the experience was a harrowing one for the star. She explains, "It was horrendous. We were working in New Mexico, over gypsum mines. Every night we were coughing, and it was literally coming out of our noses. "

Carpenter meanwhile, refuses to comment on reports that Love left the project because her boyfriend's ex-wife ran over her foot in a VOLVO while she was training for the picture. He states, "I can't really talk about it at this point. It simply needed to be done. " Ghosts of Mars is set for release on 24 August (01). (RGS/LA/KW)

Source: WENN