Date: 25th August 2001

Lisa Marie Caught In A Love Triangle With Cage

LISA MARIE PRESLEY's friends are warning her that she's heading for heartbreak over her new beau NICOLAS CAGE - because the movie hunk is still tied to his ex-lover.

Pals of Presley say she will still be forced to play second fiddle to model KRISTINA FULTON, the mother of the actor's 10-year- old son, WESTON.

American tabloid the GLOBE quotes a pal as saying, "Lisa Marie has to realise that any woman Nic gets involved with is going to be part of this weird love triangle. Kristina goes practically everywhere with him. She, and sometimes their son tag along, even when he's with another woman. "

When Cage took Lisa Marie, 33, to the recent premiere of his movie CAPTAIN CORELLI'S MANDOLIN (2001), Kristina, 34, also showed up. The friend explains,

"For Nic, that's just a normal way of life. " And while Cage is still attached to his old flame, sources say Presley is totally smitten with her new love. A friend says, "She's so madly in love with him that she's convinced herself she can change him and that he'll settle down with her. " (RGS/TG/KMW)

Source: WENN



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