Date: 15th August 2001

Cruise Is Back On Top

TOM CRUISE's body language with new love PenÚlope Cruz shows he is getting his self esteem back, according to an expert.

Psychologist JANE FIRBANK says the TOP GUN (1986) star, whose divorce from Australian actress NICOLE KIDMAN went through last week (09AUG01), is recovering from the devastation of a marriage split.

She says, "Tom is celebrating not just a new relationship, but getting his self esteem back with an adoring woman. "

Cruise, who suffered a jibe about his height from Kidman after news of their parting broke, had kept Cruz under wraps before kissing and cuddling her at the premiere of her film CAPTAIN CORELLI'S MANDOLIN (2001) in Beverly Hills on Monday night (13AUG01). (BRC/WNTSU/NFA)

Source: WENN



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