Date: 19th February 2001

Tom Cries On Lisa Marie's Shoulder

Hunky actor TOM CRUISE has been spending time with ELVIS PRESLEY's daughter LISA MARIE following the break-up of his marriage to NICOLE KIDMAN.

A major rift in Kidman and Cruise's relationship has been blamed on the actress' desire to have their two adopted children - ISABELLA and CONNOR - brought up as Catholics like herself and Tom's deep involvement in the Church of Scientology. Tom is reported to have found a good friend in twice-divorced Lisa Marie, ex-wife of MICHAEL JACKSON - they have known each other for years as she also is a Scientologist.

A source says, "Tom is perfect for her and she is perfect for him. This is a natural, inevitable pairing. "Tom and Lisa Marie are so compatible it's almost scary." (AW/WNTST/RGS)

Source: WENN



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