Date: 3rd September 2001

Cage Ruined Captain Corelli's Mandolin

CAPTAIN CORELLI'S MANDOLIN (2001) star JOHN HURT knows why the film flopped - he blames the casting of NICOLAS CAGE. Hurt believes powerful movie studio bosses destroyed the big screen version of the LOUIS DE BERNIERES best-seller.

He says, "We got slaughtered in America. The audiences somehow wouldn't forgive Nic Cage. I mean, he did his very best, and if he was wrong for the part, it's not his fault. It's entirely to do with the studio, who shot themselves in the foot by saying 'Here's $45 million to make the film once you get Nic Cage. '

And you'd say 'Well that's fine, but can I still have the $45 million and get someone who's right for the part?' It's not like this is something new. It's been going on in the film industry for years. But nobody seems to learn. It's a shame. Nic's part was written for someone who sweeps her off her feet. Nic is a lovely actor in many ways, but he's not that sort of actor. "

Source: WENN