Date: 8th February 2002

Friends Blame Priesley's Wedding Ultimatum For Split

Friends of LISA MARIE PRESLEY have blamed her insistence on marriage for her split with actor NICOLAS CAGE. Lisa Marie, daughter of Elvis, who was previously married to pop star MICHAEL JACKSON, reportedly broke the relationship off last week after the Raising Arizona (1987) star refused to agree to a wedding date.

A pal is quoted in London newspaper the Evening Standard, as saying, "Nicolas won't be brow-beaten into anything he doesn't want to do. Lisa Marie just demands every man she meets worships her in the same way her father did. She just wasn't prepared to accept that a man she was involved with wouldn't commit himself to her. Lisa is one of the world's little Princesses. Worshipped by her father, over-protected by her mother Priscilla, she's only had three boyfriends besides Nic, and she married two of those within weeks of meeting them. "

Source: WENN



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