Date: 7th August 2001

Angelina Laughs Off Sex With Antonio

Actress ANGELINA JOLIE has laughed off reports that her on-screen passion evolved to off-screen with her co-star ANTONIO BANDERAS.

The ORIGINAL SIN (2001) stars say that although they acknowledge each other as attractive people, they only have eyes for their respected spouses; MELANIE GRIFFITH and BILLY BOB THORNTON.

Angelina says, "You're talking about a man who is deeply in love with his wife. and married, he has beautiful children with her, and they're such a great family."

"And I'm madly in love my husband, we have such a great relationship, and the idea that either one of us would, would want anything more than our marriages is really insulting and angering. " (ES/WNWCAB/IG)

Source: WENN



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