Date: 21st July 2001

Lucy Liu Looks Forward To Charlie's Angels Sequel

American actressLUCY Liu's looking forward to starring in the CHARLIE'S ANGELS (2000) sequel - despite co-star CAMERON DIAZ's reluctance to sign up for the second instalment.

ALLY McBEAL star Liu, who teamed up with Diaz and DREW BARRYMORE for the action flick, is looking forward to getting together with the actresses once more for what she anticipates will be a fun experience. Liu says,

"It would just be so much fun to work with the girls again. It was just so exciting to be doing something that was action-oriented and something that was American culture. You never would think that when you're younger and watching Charlie's Angels that you would ever become one of Charlie's Angels - it's so bizarre." (RGS/WNV/KW)

Source: WENN



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