Date: 11th April 2002

Drew Barrymore Gets Sexy With Heather Graham

Following her public lesbian escapades last month (March 2002) Drew Barrymore is now boasting a new conquest - fellow actress Heather Graham.

The Riding In Cars With Boys (2001) star, who split with husband Tom Green at the end of last year (2001), locked lips with the 32-year- old Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery (1997) beauty at Leonardo DiCaprio's home - much to the disapproval of the Titanic (1997) hunk, according to American magazine US Weekly.

A source recalls, "They were going at it in front of a group of people. Leo was annoyed because they were out of control and he didn't want that in his house."

And, according to the source, DiCaprio was so annoyed with Barrymore, 27, and Graham's public display amid what was a quiet gathering of friends "that he kicked them both out of the house."

Charlie's Angels (2000) star Barrymore was spotted kissing passionately with two females on a night out at Hollywood hot spot AD just weeks beforehand.

Source: WENN



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