Date: 26th September 2001

Lucy Liu Wants Women To Check Their Breasts

LUCY LIu is urging women of all ages to touch their breasts. The ALLY MCBEAL beauty wants to raise awareness of breast cancer and encourage women to make regular checks for lumps. She admits she learned the hard way,

"When I was 21, I found a small lump in my breast. I didn't freak out. I didn't think cancer. I just thought that something wasn't right and I went to see a doctor to confirm that. The doctor said, 'It has to come out' Then I freaked out. I had it surgically removed two days later. It turned out to be a benign fibroid. "

She continues, "I've learned from my own experience with early detection that breast cancer awareness can save your life. If I can encourage just one woman to empower herself and learn more about breast cancer by telling my story then I'm happy. "(MB/INS/RP)

Source: WENN