Date: 3rd May 2002

Cameron Diaz Fails To Impress On Jury Duty

Sexy actress Cameron Diaz's stint on jury service last month (April 2002) has done nothing to impress her fellow citizens - because she cared little about her job.

The Charlie's Angels (2000) beauty even went to the Beverly Hills Municipal Court in California in her workout gear, straight after a yoga class.

A eyewitness tells American tabloid the Globe, "Cameron seemed totally put out. She looked really impatient as she tried to hurry through the metal detector. It was as if the courthouse was the last place in the world she wanted to be. She was wearing her workout clothes. But even though she was completely dressed down and wearing no make-up, she's still Cameron Diaz and everyone recognised her."

Diaz, who also took time out to make rude gestures at waiting photographers, showed up two days running for the jury pool and was dismissed on the second day.

Source: WENN