Date: 10th August 2001

Lucy Liu's Breast Cancer Scare

ALLY McBEAL star LUCY LIU has been transformed from a complacent young woman to a caring crusader - after a shocking brush with cancer. The CHARLIE's ANGELS (2000) actress had a big scare when she discovered a lump in her breast.

And although she found the lump not to be cancerous, the then 33-year-old beauty had a chilling wake-up call, and realised how lucky she was. A friend says,

"It scared the living daylights out of Lucy. It's always on her mind. She goes for frequent check ups and lives with the fear that the next lump will be cancerous. Her cancer drama actually changed her life for the better by making her appreciate every waking moment. She's been dedicated to helping others ever since. "

Liu is now the spokeswoman for the LEE Company's National Denim Day out later this year (5OCT01). She's also appearing in ads for the event and is aiming to raise millions of pounds (dollars) for the SUSAN G KOMEN BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION. (SVD/TS/ES)

Source: WENN