Date: 12th May 2001

Nicole Slams "Romance Rumours"

Furious NICOLE KIDMAN has blasted reports of a romance with EWAN McGREGOR - because she wants to protect their marriage.

The sexy Australian co-starred with hunky Ewan in hot new film MOULIN ROUGE (2001), and the pair have been dogged with attention, following Nicole's high-profile split from TOM CRUISE.

But the sultry star insists there's no truth - and hopes people stop speculating, because Ewan's marriage may also suffer. She fumes, "I can't believe people are saying that there was something going on between Ewan and I. Ewan is a lovely guy, and he's a friend. We spent a lot of time on this film. "During all that time Ewan's wife EVE was there and she's mate of mine. We went out, she and I, and had some fun together. "It's cray. Eve's pregnant with Ewan's baby. " (NFA/WNTMA)

Source: WENN



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