Date: 4th May 2001

Kate Suffers Baby Brain Drain During Film Rehearsals

KATE WINSLET is feeling the strain of being a movie mother after returning to shooting for the first time since giving birth. The British actress is looking stunning after losing weight following the appearance of daughter MIA, now six months old - but she's worried she may also have lost brain cells.

Kate admits to being a little nervous about how her lowered IQ will affect her performance, saying, "I have to confess I really did suffer this thing of pregnancy dementia and I have not really got my brain back. "It's really scary arriving at work and thinking: 'Bloody hell, where have these lines gone?'"

The TITANIC (1997) star is currently preparing for scenes in IRIS (2001), a love story about the late DAME IRIS MURDOCH, the prize-winning author, and her literary critic and lecturer husband JOHN BAYLEY. She adds, "
Learning dialogue has never really been an issue for me, but this script has dialogue between Iris and John that is incredibly intelligent and intense. So the level of intelligence - coupled with having lost half of my brain! - makes it tricky. I'm finding I have to concentrate much more."

Matters aren't helped by Kate's constant anxiety about her child, despite her and her husband JIM THREAPLETON having hired a nanny. She explains, "
In between remembering my lines, I think: 'Did I leave enough food for her?'" (KW/WNTMA/ES)

Source: WENN



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