Date: 10th September 2001

Husband's Tears Over Loss Of Kate

The heartbroken husband of KATE WINSLET broke down in tears as he told of the moment he realised his marriage was over. JIM THREAPLETON had thought the rift between them was temporary - but a few days before they were due to tell the world about their parting, the actress broke the shocking news that she wants a divorce.

Jim told a pal, "I haven't lost Kate Winslet the famous actress. I have lost a beautiful wife and I am very concerned I might lose my daughter. She has turfed me out without any real reason. How has this happened - why is she being so cold about a divorce so soon? I love Kate and if I am losing her I can't bear to lose MIA as well - she means the world to me. "

According to Britain's SUNDAY MIRROR, Jim also told the pal he was terrified of becoming a 'weekend dad', and not seeing enough of his beloved daughter. (NFA/WNSMI)

Source: WENN