Date: 18th September 2001

Threapleton Speaks Of Winslet Split

Director JIM THREAPLETON has finally spoken about his split with TITANIC (1997) star KATE WINSLET two weeks ago. He says that the couple had put aside their differences to build a hopeful future for 11-month-old daughter MIA. Jim also denied that he was going out with the mystery woman seen in Notting Hill Gate, West London, with him on Sunday (16SEP01).

He says, "It's a difficult time for both me and Kate, and I didn't want people getting the wrong idea. I know this sounds corny, but she really is just a good friend of mine and Kate. We went to university together. There's nothing more than that - if there was I'd tell you. I wasn't even house hunting. I was just looking in an estate agent window. "

He continues, "Speculation about me or Kate going out with other people at the moment doesn't help our situation one bit. Kate and Mia have moved back to her old Holloway, London, flat. The couple will continue to work together on their production firm, ULTRA FILMS."

He says, "Kate and I continue to work together - and we talk all the time. There are a few film projects still in the pipeline which will come to fruition in the next few years. But, above all else our main concern is to provide a solid future for Mia. " (ACW/WNTMI/RP)

Source: WENN