Date: 1st April 2001

Stallone's Tribute To Earnhardt

SYLVESTER STALLONE is dedicating his new racing car movie DRIVEN (2001) to late NASCAR driver DALE EARNHARDT.

Earnhardt died in a crash last month (FEB01) and Stallone is determined to make sure the race ace's legend lives on in his racy film - about auto racing teams.

Stallone says, "He was definitely the best in his field and I hope our movie pays tribute to him and his like."

Meanwhile, the ROCKY (1978) star admits making the movie and trying out cars like the one Earnhardt died in, was like filming in a coffin. He adds, "You are literally locked into these machines so there's a sense of being nailed in a box with no exit except the help of others."

Stallone's new film, which also features BURT REYNOLDS and GINA GERSHON, opens in America on April 27 (01). (KL/NE/RP)

Source: WENN