Date: 18th November 2000

Burt Reynolds Breaks Girlfriends Heart

BURT REYNOLD's longtime girlfriend PAM SEALS is devastated, after learning her lover romanced a mystery blonde on a business trip.

According to pals of the couple, Seals was distraught when Reynolds was pictured holding hands with thirty-something Canadian stunner SUSAN APPLEYARD, who sources say visited him in his hotel room during a recent trip to Toronto.

When former cocktail waitress Pam, 45, heard rumours Burt was seeing another woman, the heartbroken beauty called and demanded an explanation. A pal says, "Through clenched teeth and puddles of tears, Pam told Burt she can't believe he's being so incredibly cruel. She doesn't want to believe that he would cheat on her. "But all the time he was calling her from Canada, she probably suspected he was taking some pretty young bimbo out for romantic dinners and thinking, 'How could you do this to me?'."

Reynolds denies the alleged relationship.


Source: WENN



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