Date: 19th September 2000

Sally Field Gives Up Men

OSCAR-winning actress SALLY FIELD has given up men for good - because it's unnatural to share everything with them.

The twice-divorced actress, who lived with BURT REYNOLDS for five years, has no desire to marry again and wouldn't even consider living under the same roof as a man. FORREST GUMP star Field says, "There's something unnatural about sleeping in the same bed, dressing in the same closet, sharing everything with a man. "I no longer like marriage and am happy to stay at home with my jigsaw puzzles."

And although Field says her happily married friends GOLDIE HAWN, RITA WILSON and KATE CAPSHAW constantly tease her about preferring to be by herself, she's made up her mind to go it alone. She adds, "
I'm still close friends with my ex-husbands and I remain on good terms with Burt, but I spent too many of my younger years looking for guys, trying to be in love and therefore ignoring the things that I needed to do for me, such as reading and learning.

"There are all sorts of different aspects of being a woman that I have never explored."


Source: WENN



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