Date: 22nd April 2001

Coldplay Gives Stallone The Hard Shoulder

Hollywood hardman SYLVESTER STALLONE has been slapped down to size by britband COLDPLAY.

The YELLOW hitmakers have refused the ROCKY (1976) star the chance to use their worldwide smash TROUBLE in his latest film.

The muscled hero wanted the BRIT-nominated song to feature in a tragic moment in the 55 million car racing drama DRIVEN (2001) - dubbed 'Rocky on a Race Track'.

But last week, despite all his grovelling, the group refused him the rights. EMI spokesman CHRIS LATHAM says, "They have been approached a number of times, but Trouble will not be used in the Stallone film. "They decided against it and as it stands the track will not be used in a film. "There are no plans for any of the album to be used on TV or film." (JD/WN/NFA)

Source: WENN